Since the establishment of A.P.R.Degree College i.e. 1982 August, the Physical Education Department has been served under the guidance of the following Physical Directors.

 1)   Sri C.Chandrasekhar Reddy                1982             to       1985

 2)  Sri P. Papaya Raju                            1985 (Dec.)   to       1986 (March)

 3)  Sri C.Chndrasekhar Reddy                  1986 (Dec.)   to       1996 (June)

 4) Sri B.C. Vemana                                1997             to       1998

 5) Sri K. Ananda kumar(On Deputation)     1999             to       1999 (2 days )

 6) Sri K.Satyanarayana                           1999 (Dec.)   to       2012

 7) Sri P. Rama Krishna (Part-Time)           2013             to       till know

The Department has been conducting various Tournaments including sports and games and won laurels to the college.  The details of various Tournaments:

 1)  1991- 1992         –        Inter Collegiate West Zone Ball Badminton

 2)  1991 – 1992        –        Inter Collegiate Table Tennis Men & Women Tournaments

 3)  1992- 1993         –        Inter Collegiate Table Tennis tournament for Men & Women

 4)  1993 – 1994        –        Inter Collegiate Table Tennis tournament for Men & Women

 5)  1994 – 1995        –        Inter Collegiate Table Tennis tournament for Men & Women

 6)  1994 – 1995          –        Inter Collegiate Ball Badminton – West Zone

 7)  1995-1996 –        Inter Collegiate Kabaddi Tournaments Men & Women

 8)  1995 – 1996        –        Ball Badminton West Zone

 9)  2004 – 2005        –        Inter Collegiate West Zone Ball Badminton Tournaments.

10) 2005-2006         –        Inter Collegiate cross – country Men & Women Tournaments.

11) 2006-2007         –        Inter Collegiate Chess Tournaments for Men & Women

Our students have participated in various tournaments conducted by the Inter-University and Inter-Collegiate of Acharya Nagarjuna University and won Medals in the following events during 1994-95 and 1995-96 Mr. A. Sangeeva Reddy, got the First Prize in Swimming Competitions held at Vijayawada.  In 1994-95 Miss Neelima got the 3rd Place in Women’s Table Tennis held at Nagarjuna University.

During 2005-06 : Mr.Venkateswara Naik got the 6th place in the cross country tournaments held at Nagarjuna Sagar.

During 2006-07 : The Women Team of APRDC got the 3rd place in Chess Tournaments held at Nagarjuna Sagar.

During 2013-14 :  Mr. K. Dhanunjaya Rao, got the 4th place in All India Cross Country Selections held at Khajipalem.  Mr. K. Dhanunjaya Rao & R. Ravi Naik got selected in State Meet held at Karimnagar.

The department has divided the students into 6 houses namely Kapildev House, Dhyanchand House, Viswanth Ananda House, C.K.Naidu House, Govasker House and Milka Singh House for all practical purposes of conducting Intramurals in the college.  The college is equipped with a Gym.  Sports facilities such as Table-Tennis, shuttle, Volley Ball etc., Indoor games such as Chess, Caroms etc., The students who have been selected for Intramurals & Inter Collegiate are provided with Milk, Eggs, snacks etc. for special training.  All the students should wake up at 5.00 am in the morning for Jogging, and practice yoga in the evenings. All the students have to actively participate in Games & Sports.  The college deputes the Physical Director to the various tournaments conducted by ANU.