Department Profile of Statistics


About the Department: The Department of statistics was established in the year 1999.The Department of Statistics was started with  Dr.C.V.L .N.Murthy and G. Sambaiah as faculty members. Since 2004, the department  has been functioning with Sri.N,Sathish Babu and Dr.V.Uday Kumar. The faculty members try their level best to improve the Pass percentage of the students. The department is actively participating in all the ongoing activities of the College. The department is working hard to improve the quality of the students both in curricular and extra- curricular activities. Since 2013 onwards, the departmental activities are supervised by Dr.M.Parappa, Lecturer in Mathematics.


Name of the department: STATISTICS


Year of Establishment: 1999


Names of programmers / courses offered: UG (Mathematics: Statistics: Computer Science)


Names of Interdisciplinary courses and the


Departments/ units involved:  Commerce, Economics.


Annual/ semester/ choice based credit system


(Programme wise): Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)


Participation of the department in the courses


offered by other departments: Biotechnology, Computer Science


Number of teaching posts:


  Post   Sanctioned (02) Filled (02)   Details
  Assistant Professor   Assistant Professor       02




  • Application of some Econometric models in the Analysis of Experimental Design.


  • Some Econometric Models for Experimental Design.


  • Control Charts, Process Capability and DNOM Analysis in an Industry.


  • Some Practical Aspects of Reliability in an Industry.


Faculty profile with name, qualification,


Designation, specialization, (D.Sc./ D.Litt. /Ph.D./ M.


Phil. etc.):


  Name   Qualification   Designation Experience (Years)
  SATISH BABU NUKALA   Dr. UDAY KUMAR VIPPARLA     M.Sc., B.Ed.     M.Sc., Ph.D.   Assistant Professor     Assistant Professor   15     14


Student-Teacher Ratio (programme wise): 51:1


Number of academic support staff (technical) and


administrative staff sanctioned:                                01 Lab Attendant.


Qualifications of teaching faculty with DSc/ D.Litt/


Ph.D/ M.Phil./ P.G.:                                                : M.Sc.: 01


Ph.D : 01


Research centre/ facility recognized by the


University:                                                     :               NIL


Student projects: Percentage of students placed for projects


in organizations outside the institution


Research laboratories/ industry/ other agencies: 34%


Seminars/ conferences/ workshops Attended:


Seminars/ conferences/ workshops Attended                   organized by                  Date
National workshop on design of experiments & operations research   A.N.U. Guntur   Dec 8th  & 9th, 2011
National seminar on the role of mathematics and information science in design of sophisticated system   ANDHRA LOYOLA COLLEGE, VIJAYAWADA     Aug 20th & 21st , 2014
National workshop on big data analytics   A.N.U. Guntur   Oct, 20th,  2014
National workshop on big data and analytics   S.V.U. Tirupati . Nov 27th – 30th, 2014
International conference on statistics and information technology for a growing nation   S.V.U. Tirupati  (Sponsored by UGC)     Nov 30th – Dec 2nd, 2014
National conference on recent advances on statistical significance in research S.V.U. Tirupati  (Sponsored by RUSA) Feb 17th & 18th, 2020
National workshop on recent advances on statistical significance in research.   S.V.U. Tirupati  (Sponsored by RUSA)     Feb 17th & 18th, 2020
Analysis of  Data Using . R (webinar)   SPMV University-Tirupati   Dec 14th , 2020
Statistical data analysis tools sas and spss (webinar)      SVU Tirupati   Aug 9th 2020
Workshop on Bio-Statistics  Narayana Medical      College   Aug 11th  & 19 2020
  CyberSecurity    Tech-Rainbow-     Indor   Aug 26th  2020


Student profile programme/ course wise:


  Year Applications received   Selected Enrolled Pass Percentage
  2019-20   2018-19   2017-18   2016-17   36   36   36   36   33   30   26   31   32   30   26   31   91   97   100   100


Student progression:


Student progression Against % enrolled
  UG to PG   PG to M.Phil.   PG to Ph.D.   Ph.D. to Post-Doctoral   Employed • Campus selection • Other than campus recruitment   Entrepreneurship/ Self-employment                              07                                Not Available                   Not Available                   Not Available                                     03


Details of Infrastructural facilities:


a. Library: 436 Books


b. Internet facilities for Staff & Students: Available


c. Class rooms with ICT facility: Available


d. Laboratory: Available


Teaching methods adopted to improve student




Teaching methods besides chalk and talk involves


Problem solving sessions, personal attention


Depending on whether they are slow or advanced




Participation in Institutional Social Responsibility


(ISR) and Extension activities:


Staff member is a member of the Entrepreneur


cell of the college and helps in encouraging to the students.


SWOC analysis of the department and future plans




Sincere and hard working team of faculty members.


In spite of the abstractness of the subject the results have been satisfactory. Few students secured top ranks for the last few years in the entire college.




Students coming from rural backgrounds have some problems in  communication.




Statistics has wide range of applications thus increasing the avenues for employment.




To teach to a very diverse student community.