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Department of Statistics

Brief Profile

Established: The department of statistics has established in the year 1999. Dr.C.V.L.N.Murthy and his colleagues were the founders of Department of Statistics.

Development: The department was later developed by Sri G.Sambaiah; Lecturer in Mathematics who came here on deputation. Later the Department is being run by contract lecturers Sri.N.Satish  Babu & Sri V.Uday Kumar. Many of the students got selected in reputed institutions like ISI, Central University of Hyderabad, IIT, and Pondicherry Central University. One of the student got Indian Statistical Services; some of the students got selected as Assistant Statistical officers in A.P.

Present status: At present the department is being run with two Contract lecturers.

Staff Profile:

Name                   : Sri.N.Satish Babu.

Qualification       : M.Sc., (M.Phil);

Designation         : Lecturer in Statistics.

Subjects Taught   : Probability Theory, Mathematical Expectation, Statistical Methods and Inference, Applied Statistics, Quality & Reliability.(Paper II & paper III, PaperIV ).

Name                   : Sri.V.Uday Kumar.

Qualification       : M.Sc,(Ph.D).,

Designation        : Lecturer in Statistics.

Subjects Taught: Descriptive Statistics & Distribution, Exact Sampling Distribution, Applied Statistics, Operations Research.(Paper I, Paper-III, paper IV)

            The departmental activities are being supervised, directed by our faculty member Dr. M.Parappa., Lecturer in Mathematics and In charge of Statistics Department.


Achievements: The department has been giving effective guidance to the students who are seeking admission in reputed institutions like IIT, Central Universities and State Universities etc.