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1)    He/She shall teach eight period a week, preferably one subject completely or-partly.

2)    Guide subject teachers of his/her own in particular and others in general.

3)    Arrange for professional guidance from his/her own and also from local experts, if available, in other subject areas.

4)    Inform the Departmental Inspection officers for the guidance he/she requires in specific areas.

5)    Formulate minimum academic program and institutional plans with the help of his/her assistants and implementing it.

6)    Arranging demonstration lessons in all the subject areas by competent subject teachers.

7)    Arrange action research programs.

8)    Hole Conferences, workshops, seminars etc.

9)    Encourage innovative activities.

10)    Organize supervised study, self-study by students, tutorials, club activities etc.

11)    He/She should arrange supervised study for afternoon session with one teacher for each section and proportionately adjust the remaining teachers for night supervised study.

12)  He/she should see that every teacher shall be entrusted with 6 supervised study duties in a week, i.e. 3 day duties and 3 night duties – the day supervised study starts from 2.15 p.m to 4.30pm and no deviation can be entertained. The night supervised study shall start from 7.00pm to 9.00pm in the schools where he strength is less than 326 and from 7.30pm to 9.30pm where the strength is more than 500 and above.

13)  Every day: (i) supervised study shall be organized for 45 minutes. 


1)    Periodical (month) check-up of the lesson-plans and year plans prepared by the assistants.

2)    Preparation of time tables and their proper implementation.

3)    While preparing the time-table, he/she should see, that time-table invariable include the duties of teacher for supervised study, remodel teaching and club activities.

4)    Observation of class-room teaching of the Assistants to the extant of the period during a working day, during every fortnight (Preferable X’class) end, recording it with suggestions for improvement in the proforma enclosed (Annexure-1)

5)    He/she should invariably maintain the monthly work done statement for each teacher in the proforma enclosed (Annexure-II) and the monthly performance appraisal forms in the enclosed proforma (Annexure-III)

6)    Proper organization of activity areas i.e Physical Education, Health Education, Creative Activities S.U.P.W. and Moral Education.

7)    Introduction of Scouting and Guiding as co-curricular activities and their proper supervision.

8)    Preparing the school for participation in Science fairs Mathematical Olympiad, General Knowledge Test and in Games and Sports competitions etc.

9)    Completion of syllabuses as per the Common Examination Board Plan.

10)    Arranging Book Banks, Sanchayakas. Co-operative Stores etc. Wherever possible.

11)    Maintenance of a watch register to note the academic work turned out by Assistants and Para academic work.

12)    Supervision of Hostel.



1)    The practice of sanctioning 5 optional holidays to the teaching end non-teaching staff should be dispensed forthwith. He/she may be permitted to declare holiday for school/college synchronizing local festival/jataras.

2)    He/she shall distribute the in charge ships and secondary duties among all teaching staff and non-teaching staff and no individual teacher shall be over-burdened.

3)    He/she should see that two teachers are put on duty on all holidays on rotation basis and the teachers interested with holiday duty shall be present in the campus from 7.00am to 9.30pm and they may be allowed to take breakfast, lunch, dinner. They may be held responsible for any kind of occurrence during the time of their holiday duty.

4)    He/she should see that all the staff members should invariably report on the reopening day of the school/college after availing summer vacation. In case, any of the staff members who could not turn up for duty on the re-opening day such individual member may be sanctioned E.L. available at his/her credit.

5)    Submit confidential reports at the end of the year to the Secretary.

6)    Maintain all the registers prescribed in APRE and by the Secretary.

7)    Collect utilize and maintain the accounts relating special fee funds.

8)    Supervise work of office staff

9)    Submit pay bills etc promptly.

10)  Ensure regular attendance of teachers, pupils and Office staff.

11)  Conduct daily school assembly, arrange for the proper maintenance and utilization of Library, school uniform, celebrate National Festivals, and make the pupils participate in competition of academic importance.

12)  Conduct tests and examination efficiently.

13)  Conduct any other assignments and responsibilities specifically entrusted by the Department/or management.

14)  Organize parent-teacher Association.

15)  Community development activities for school improvement programs.

16)  Arrange annual stock verifications.

17)  The job charts of all the staff shall be displayed in the office of the principal.

18)  There shall not be any deviation in the events approved by the Secretary in the Calendar of events.

19)  The secondary duties entrusted such as issue of Text book, not books, cosmetics, clothing, etc. shall not cause interruption to the supervise-study.