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 A.P. Residential Degree College, Nagarjuna Sagar was started in the year 1982 with the noble objective of meeting the educational needs of the meritorious students of the rural areas at the undergraduate level. The great visionaries of Sri P.V.Narasimha Rao, former PM, and Sri M.V.Raja Gopal the then Education Secretary laid foundation to this system. It is to bring out the latent skills of the students to the fore we strive hone to have their skills through continuous learning methods such as supervised study, Loco-parent system and personal care in terms of all round development. In all these 32 years of its existence mostly students from the oppressed sections of the society benefited from this institution.          

     It is to nurture the academic passion among students we continually strive to strengthen and improve the positive impact we have on our students, transforming their lives, as well as our own through our hard work. We will become known as institution that “makes a difference“. We consistently strive to innovate-finding new and more effective way to educate and serve students. It is with dedication we sustain rigor in our work-holding high standards and expectations for both our students and for ourselves. We resolve to approach work with compassion, working with integrity and caring and in this process we work for bringing joy, honesty and understanding to our work.