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Name             :        Sri CH. Pullaiah M.A.B.Ed.

Contact No.    :       



Name             :        Sri A.NABI KHAN, M.Com., B.Ed., SET

Contact No.    :       



Name             :        Sri YNS Chowdary, M.A.,N.E.T.     

Contact No.    :       


Hostel Warden:

Name             :        Sri P.V.Eswar, M.A.

Contact No.    :        9490194103


Medical Incharge:

Name            :        Sri N. V. Syam Sundera Rao, M.A., M.Phil,

Contact No.    :        9440617664


Loco Parent System:

Batches of 35 to 40 students called Loco-wards are attached to each lecturer, who is also called Loco-parent. This Loco-parent is held responsible for their performance, discipline and personal welfare. This type of personal care, help, and guidance by the Loco-parent all though their stay at the institution makes the student to concentrate more on his academics.

Supervised Study:

A special programme called “Supervised Study” is organized in the evening hours after the class hours to get all their doubts clarified and also to get additional information. Faculty members from almost all the subjects are available to the students for consultation. This system enables the students to enter any class with a crystal clear understanding of the subject which is already taught to them.