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Department of Mathematics

Brief Profile

Established: The department of Mathematics has established in the year 1982(since the inception of the college). Dr.K.Suryanarayana was the founder of department of Mathematics.

Development: The department was later developed by Sri P.Sambaiah, Lecturer in Mathematics who came here on deputation.

        Later the department was strengthened by Dr.C.V.L.N.Murthy, lecturer in Mathematics who joined in the service in the year 1984, under the guidance of faculty members, Students got selection in reputed institutions like IIT, JAM, Central Universities in good number every year. Later on Dr. C.V.L.N.Murthy was elevated as principal of this institution.

Present status: At present the department was running with two regular lecturers and one post is vacant.

Staff Profile:

Name                   : Dr. E. Mallikarjuna Goud.

Qualification       : M.Sc.,M.Phil., Ph.D.;

Designation         : Lecturer in Mathematics.

Subjects Taught   : Linear Algebra, Vector Calculus, Modern algebra & Real Analysis

                             (paper II & paper III)


Name                   :Dr. M.Parappa.

Qualification      : M.Sc.,M.Ed.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,

Designation         : Lecturer in Mathematics.

Subjects Taught  : Differential Equations, Solid Geometry, Numerical Analysis

                               (paper I & paper IV)


        The departmental activities are being supervised, directed by our senior faculty member and present Principal Dr. C.V.L.N.Murthy.

Achievements: The department has been giving effective guidance to the students who are seeking admission in reputed institutions like IIT, JAM , Central Universities and State Universities etc.