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  1. The Deputy Warden is the in charge of the hostel. He/she should prepare monthly indents and get them approved by the Principal and attend the purchases from super bazaar, Co-operative Societies and Civil Sup0plies and other Government agencies.

  2. He/she has to maintain all the relevant records pertaining to the Hostel and he/she is responsible for / maintenance of the stocks and accounts.

  3. It is his/her duty to maintain discipline and orderliness in the dining has with the help of the House Masters and Physical Education Teacher/Physical Director.

  4. It is his/her duty to adjust the per capita expenditure within the provision and submit monthly per-capita statements and should regularly send to the Society through the Principal.

  5. At the time of receipt and issue of milk, vegetables and other provisions, he/she must be present along with one or two students and should sign in the registers in token of receipts and issues.

  6. He/she must maintain indent sheets for daily issue to cook in duplicate duly signed by them.

  7. He/she must see that all the eligible staff members should sit along with the children in the dining hall and the items prepared should be served properly, to all of them.

  8. He/she must see that nothing is waste in the dining hall at any time.

  9. He/she should see that the health and hygienic conditions in the kitchen and dining hall are maintained properly.

  10. He/she should stay one or two days after the closing day of every vacation and holidays to verify the stocks and to seal the kitchen and store room, He/she should also be present one or two days before the reopening after every vacation and holidays to prepare indents and get the stocks in advance.

  11. He/she should collect guest fee from guests/parents and non-eligible staff members and deposit the amount with the Principal every day.

  12. He/she should conduct food committee meetings once in a month to take the suggestions from the committee members in maintaining the hostel.

  13. He/she should arrange one of the staff members as in charge Deputy Warden whenever he/she takes leave with the approval of the Principal.

  14. He/she should seek the permission of the Principal and the food committee for introduction of any new system or with drawing any old system in the dining hall.

  15. Leave for kitchen staff will be granted only on the recommendation of the Deputy Warden.

 15a. He/she shall be present in the dining hall during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

 16. He/she has to cooperate with the Principal and discharge duty entrusted to him/her by the Principal for smooth and efficient functioning of the Institution.