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Established :  The Department of Chemistry was established along with the college in the year 1982.  Sri V. Ramakrishna is the founder of this department.

Development :  The department was strengthened by taking the Services of Sri. M. Kodandram, Sri M. Venkatewarlu and  Dr. G. Seetha Rama Rao , as Regular lecturers.  All the senior faculty members have taken superannuation.  Recently Dr. G. Seetha Rama Rao  was retired in the month of August, 2013.  

Present status:  At present the department is running with three members. Among these three members Dr. G. Rama Murthy and Dr. B. Bixamaiah are working on regular basis.  The third one Mr. K. Girish is working on part-time basis.

Staff Profile:

1.   Name                                :  Dr. G. Rama Murthy

Qualification                      : M.Sc., Ph.D.

Designation                       : Lecturer in Chemistry

Teaching Experience         : 16 years

Subject taught                      :  Organic Chemistry

Other information                :  Total number of publications ; 8 (2-International & 6-national journals.  Attended symposiums and participated in national seminars and presented papers in each seminar.


2.   Name                              :  Dr. B. Bixamaiah

Qualification                    : M.Sc., Ph.D., DCA

Designation                     : Lecturer in Chemistry

Teaching Experience       : 16 years

Subject taught                   :  Physical Chemistry

Other information             :  Total number of publications ; 9 ( 7 in International & 2 in national journals.  Attended National  Symposium and also  participated in 3- national seminars and presented papers in each seminar.


3.   Name                              :  K. Girish

Qualification                    : M.Sc.,SLET

Designation                     : Part time Lecturer in Chemistry

Teaching Experience        : 1 year

Subject taught                    :  Inorganic  Chemistry


We, the department of Chemistry are conducting some seminar classes by the Final year students, which enhance their preparation, thinking ability and is found useful in their future life.  Our trained students participated in various Chemistry Quiz competitions and won prizes.  Department of Chemistry is maintaining a Special Library for Students to appear for various competitive examinations in chemistry.  The Library with special room is maintained by the Final Year Students and also maintaining the record.  Some of the Coaching institutions at Hyderabad are giving free coaching with accommodation to our students every year.  Our students regularly got selected in various reputed   Institutions like IIT Mumbai, Kanpur, IISc Bangalore and central universities like HCU Hyderabad, JNU New Delhi with a good number in every year.  Some of our students are doing research as scientists in all research institutions all over the world.

              The Department of Chemistry strives to empower students with adequate skills and knowledge to help them face challenges in the competitive global arena.  We have always been instrumental in enhancing and sustaining quality of the students in APRDC, N’ Sagar.  Globalization has brought in immense opportunities along with the demand for requisite skill-set from job seekers.  Therefore, we are planning to equip the students studying in APRDC with suitable skills to seize opportunities.

             Final aim of the department is to strengthen the department and to produce all round developed students with high quality education.