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1. 65% of students passed with Distinctions.

2. Every year our students join the P.G Courses in JNU, HCU, IIT’s, NIT’s, TISS etc.

3. Prestigious Fellowships like that of Ford Foundation and Felix Fellowship are won by our students. Many of our students are awarded National Merit Scholar Ships and Prathibha Awards.

4.  Our students are occupying high positions in Central and State Services like I.A.S, I.P.S, Group I, and Group II. They are also working as Professors in JNU, University of Delhi, HCU, EFLU, TISS, and also abroad.

Serving as Scientists and Software Professionals in Prestigious organizations India and abroad and this college has produced more than a 100 Charted Accountants.



      Unique features of the residential system with special reference to A.P.R.D.C

1. The students of A.P.R.D.C are remarkable not only for their academic and professional achievements but also for their sense of social responsibility and commitment to duty.

2. These characteristics are due to the truly “residential nature of the educational system” both in letter and spirit. This system aims at not only i) good performance in examinations but also ii) all round development of the students personality and Character, combined with iii) a sense of social responsibility. The private residential colleges are very poor imitations, with their exclusive focus on marks/ranks neglecting the development of personality and character of students. Right from the beginning, the government residential system as it exists in APRDC consisted of the following.

3. The students come from all the 23 districts of the State and develop a strong bond among themselves irrespective caste, class and region by staying in the hostel for 3 years.

4. Free and continuous interaction between students and faculty both during and outside college working hours throughout the year is another main stay of this system.