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The following duties may be assigned to the Assistant to the Principal for effective and smooth administration in the school/college.

  1. He/she has to prepare institutional plan, time/table(subject-wise, teacher-wise and leisure time-table) and got the year plans prepared by the teachers. He/she should arrange extra work for the teachers on leave and also for the posts vacant and ensure that no class is left vacant.

  2. He/she has to arrange to conduct all examinations, unit test under the guidance and directions of the Principal. He/she has to maintain concerned records and registers and arrange to send the intimation cards to the parents.

  3. He/she has to supervise the day and night supervised studies, arrange the classes for slow learners and also supervise the club activities, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

  4. During the recess period, he/she must see that all the students go out without making any noise and return to the classes in time.

  5. He/she has to make all arrangements for conducting all functions and faculty meeting in the school including daily assembly with the help of the P.D/PET and in charge concerned.

  6. He/she has to maintain general discipline of the school with the help of PD/PET, Dy.Warden and other teachers.

  7. He/she has to make necessary arrangements for the dispersal of the students for vacation and holidays with the assistance of the House Masters and PET.

  8. He/she should assist the Principal at the time of admissions and spot valuation camps.

  9. He/she has to make arrangements for the conduct of functions in the school.

  10. He/she must be in charge of the school during the Dasara/Pongal Holidays and during summer vacations if required by the Principal.

  11. He/she has to cooperate with the Principal and discharge any duty entrusted to him/her by the Principal for the smooth and efficient functioning of the Institution.